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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Asta La Vista!!

I am trading the old sewing machine off today. 

That thing just won't leave this house.
Three different people said they wanted it and that it was a sure thing.
They all backed out.
Yesterday takes the case. She emailed saying she had the money in her hand, wanted to come get it, gave me her number...never to hear from her again.
She won't answer her phone either.
That's when I searched the area code...not even near here!!

I wanted to sell it and get a bit of MULAH to pay off a few medical bills (before the latest round arrive)

And, get a HUGE wal-mart gift card to pay for future meds.

And buy Christmas for my kids.
I usually make them things...this year I wanted to be different.

Oh, well, I guess I will be getting a new machine instead. Whatever I can trade evenly for.
At least it won't break down every other day like this one.

Wish me luck!!


Heather said...

Good Luck! Hopefully the new machine will create some new great works of art aka quilts to sell for all those things you need to purchase! :)

debi said...

There is nothing more frustrating than a fussy machine. Hopefully everything will work out for you, wishing you luck and good things your way!

mornings322 said...

Good luck and happy sewing once again!

Pat said...

Keeping my fingers tightly crossed you get a good deal xx

Pokey said...

Hope you can make the changes needed!