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Monday, September 13, 2010

What is that in the sky??

I simply can't stand 

No...not the little flying saucer things.

In the art/craft world a UFO stands for

I cannot stand having them. Right now I have two. Just two small table runners, both of them you have seen from blogs. I am working my hardest to get them quilted as I get time. I am taking the time though to improve my quilting. The practice is very good for me! When they are finished, I will do another very fun tutorial for you. But, since I pride myself in always completing a project before starting another, my UFO's come first.

How about you? How many UFO's do you have? Are you a 'finisher' you HAVE to finish a project before you feel you can make a new one? Or do you have a box of UFO's because you tire of them and want to move on? (That would be my DD). 

Have a great week!


Heather said...

Ah yes, UFO's.... I have a box. I'm attempting to slowly work through them. If that means that business sewing gets put to the side then so be it. :) I am actually working on a UFO right now. A crocheted sweater. My goal is to have it finished by the time it's cold enough to wear it! Who knows what else is in that box... *sigh*

Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

I swore I wouldn't have unfinished objects laying around, but as my knitting creeps well in to year two, I find I have accumulated a few. One's a garden stitch blanket in cheap acrylic yarn I got for Christmas last year that just... isn't fun. But it sits in a bad beside my sofa for a rainy day when I feel like couching and watching movies. The other is a sweater for me that has been put aside for christmas knitting. Then I've got a couple of christmas thigns waiting for yarn and/or the right size needles in order to be able to continue. After Christmas maybe I'll be down to just the blanket again. lol

NorthernStar said...

I'm doing quite well at finishing each job as it comes so rather than UFOs I have NYS's (not yet starteds - I think I need a catchier acronym).

I have a huge pile of stuff I've planned but I seem to plan much faster than I sew!

Pat said...

No UFOs here :)
Once started it has got to be finished !

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

If they gave out prizes for the most UFOs I'd definitely get 1st place!!