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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Inspiration of a different sort

Inspiration is a heavily talked about subject out here in blog land. 
Inspiration can come from many places, and can inspire many things.

But, where do you specifically get your inspiration for your artwork? 
Most of us generally like to do a specific type of art. 
If you are a quilter, you might gravitate towards patchwork, or modern. Paper pieced or appliqued.

If you are a painter, a pencil might be your favorite tool,
or like my good friend, Pat,
you might like watercolours, and dogs are a favorite subject. 

Or you might be a total different kind of artist. 
June has a wonderfully different sort of blog. She does altered photo computer art.

I have so many blogs that I follow, I can't mention them all...but if you take the time to read, you will start to get a feel of where they get their inspiration.

As for me
I can't draw. 
Not a line. Not a circle. A stick figure, maybe.
So, I have my family help.
Amy, my DD, is wonderful at drawing. If I can tie her down for a moment, I can usually get her to draw out what my mind is thinking.

Then there's Jerry. My husband has this habit of doodling whenever he's in a meeting. I sit next to him in Sunday school, and I am amazed at the designs he comes up with, and yet can still know exactly what we are discussing in class. It used to embarrass me. I didn't think it was a good example. But, now I have learned that he does his thinking while he's doodling. 
His doodles usually consist of lines and circles.

I could never draw this exact on a whim. Well, I couldn't even if I tried my hardest.

Do you see those weird colors showing through? Well, here it is. (Very strange~I love it!)

Isn't she great? I love her most of all! He used highlighters to color her in because he had those on hand during class.
I have started to keep a file of my husbands doodles. When we leave Sunday School...he hands them to me and shakes his head at my silliness.
Actually one of these above drawings is being drafted for a quilt. You'll have to wait to see which.

Do you have a source of inspiration that is 'out of the ordinary' shall we say?

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Pat said...

I used to doodle at work when I was an accountant. Now my doodles are far more artistic and called "pen and ink" :lol: Inspiration.. from nature, the words of a song and even a passage from a book.. they can all do it for me :)