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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello Again! It's me, Seth...
For the next few weeks, I would like to talk about Pet Care.

Once I lived on a farm and had I don't know how many dogs. 
I have had a few cats as well. 

Is your pet aggressive?

Here are some ideas to try:


  1. You are the boss, not him. Don't be afraid of the word NO.
  2. Don't let him get away with something.
  3. Remember, your pet is like having a two year old around. They will act up when they know you aren't looking. Don't let them.
  4. Put them in solitary confinement. (That's what my mom calls it. She used to have a Mare that really acted up, and everytime she put the mare in her time-out pen, she got better--for awhile anyway.)
  5. Find something noisy and shake it when they get aggressive. An empty metal can with coins inside works great.

  1. Let him meet new people often, and have them give him treats.
  2. Does he hate your mailman? Mail your dog a bone every few days until he learns that the mail man isn't such a bad guy.
  3. There's always obedience school!
  1. If he's playing too rough, flick his nose, then simply walk away and don't give him any attention for several minutes.
  2. Play water wars with your other words, squirt him with a water gun when he tries to attack.
  3. If he likes to attack while you are reading, throw him a toy before you start reading. You can plan ahead for other favorite attack moments as well.
  4. Play with him. Bored cats are more aggressive than non-bored ones, so take some time to play ball, or with a catnip toy. 
If it gets out of control, don't be afraid to take your pet to the vet!


Pat said...

Sorry to disagree with one of your posts - but please - take a dog to a training class as a FIRST option and train in a positive manner from the word go.

Then people like me who take on biters really won't be needed. That would please me no end - as my rescue girl WAS a biter, because someone used tips like these - which can make a dog terrified enough to snap :(

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