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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

From Hate to Fascinate

I HATED history when I was in school. I found it so utterly boring!! Since homeschooling I have completely changed my mind on that subject. 

I follow the blog by the quilt historian, Barbara Brackman. Today she posted something that I found fascinating.
Look at this photo(borrowed from her blog, hoping she doesn't mind.):

What do those look like to you?
This day in time people call them "birthday cakes."
That is not what they are at all.
They are Memorial Blocks.

She gives more history behind these and similar blocks.
I encourage you to 
to find out more. 

I have been attempting to research Underground Railroad Quilts for awhile. I find the concept fascinating, and would love to teach a few blocks as a quilt along...but I am still trying to research for sure if they are fact or fiction. 
What do you think?
Did quilts really aid Underground Railroad Travelers?

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