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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Blog Helps

I am learning new things about Blogger and blogging all the time. What a learning process internet world is!!

Some newest things that Blogger has done is add a "pages" function. I absolutely love this. I have added a page for Tutorials, Stephen, Seth, The ornament Exchange, etc. I plan to add pages that will generate even more traffic to my website.

Many of you pre-post your blogs. If you didn't know that you could do this, it is under 'post options'. Sometimes I pre-post if I can get a big block of spare time, or I'm having yet another run with insomnia. It is good for tutorials too.

Did you know that you can turn your blog into a printed book? There are many services out there for this. We plan to turn Stephens Adventures into a book just after his first bday. Once I have several tutorials blogged, a tutorial book would be wonderful for craft shows!!

Just today, Gail over at My Re-purposed Life gave several wonderful, helpful hints on writing, publishing, etc. Did you know that when you read your blogs through Google Reader (if you don't, you should try it!), that you can set it so that you are reading the ACTUAL blog, and if you want to comment no extra clicking, etc. Read her post RIGHT HERE.

I don't use buttons on my blog...yet. I am a bit un-decisive about them. If I do use them, it will probably be for challenges, etc. The first I want to make is for the ornament exchange. HoneyBear Lane did a nice tutorial on how to make buttons. In fact she has a whole series of how to "Bling your blog". Visit her RIGHT HERE

My blog is continually changing. But, that is nothing new to the internet is it?
Hope this was helpful today!


Heather said...

I learn something new everyday! Thanks for the links! said...

I didn't know about the printed books, cool! thanks.

Groovy Pumpkin said...

Oooo, what a lot of useful ideas - I'll pop back to check your links when I have some more time - thanks for sharing this!

Jane x