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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before Seth's time

Since Seth isn't home today to tell give you a blog about herbs, I thought I would give you a bit of herbal history. I received and email today from my FIL with some fantastic photos of old medicines. After looking at them, I can understand why traveling Medicine Men were so popular! 

Here is a bottle of Heroin. 
Notice who the maker is... We know them as "Bayer".

Between 1890 and 1910 heroin was sold as a non-addictive substitute for morphine. 
It was also used to treat children suffering with a strong cough. 

 Metcalf's Coca Wine was one of a huge variety of wines with cocaine on the market.  Everybody used to say that it would make you happy and it would also work as a medicinal treatment.
 Mariani wine (1875) was the most famous Coca wine of it's time.  Pope Leo XIII used to carry one bottle with him all the time.  He awarded Angelo Maria ni (the producer) with a Vatican gold medal.

Maltine was produced by the Maltine Manufacturing Company of NewYork.   It was suggested that you should take a full glass with or after every meal.  Children should only take half a glass.

Check out this paper weight promoting C.F. Boehringer & Soehne ( Mannheim , Germany ).  They were proud of being the biggest producers in the world of products containing Quinine and Cocaine.

Opium for Asthma: 40% alcohol plus 3 grams of opium per tablet.
I bet I would feel better if I took this for my asthma!
Check out the price too. 50 cents. 

Cocaine Tablets (1900). All stage actors, singers, teachers and preachers had to have them for a maximum performance.  Great to 'smooth' the voice.

Cocaine drops for toothache. Very popular for children in 1885.  Not only did they relieve the pain, they made the children very happy! 
I love the line "Instantaneous Cure". I bet!

Opium for new-borns. I'm sure this would make them sleep well (not only the Opium, but also 46% alcohol)! Look at the dosage. Poor babies probably slept all the time! Helen, my dear friend, was it you telling me that you used to be able to get Paregoric?? Well, now you see why it's no longer available. LOL.

I hope you enjoyed our little trip back in time today. 
Back to the "Good Ol' Days" when everyone was happy.
And stoned. Completely stoned. 

I would love to get my hands on some of these old bottles, paperweights, etc for Seth and his little herb shop. Keep your eyes open!


PeggyLovesVintage said...

No wonder everyone talks about the good ole days! They couldn't help but be happy!

Pat said...

Would it help your asthma? Who knows? You certainly wouldn't care you had it :lol:

Quilting Memories said...

What a great history lesson! I'm a nurse by trade so I find these things very interesting. Hope you dont mind I'm sharing a link to this post on my blog.