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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Learn to Quilt tutorial

I am so SORRY to post this, but there will be no tutorial tonight.

I had to stay up all night last night to get a project out, and I sewed for HOURS on end. Normally that would be a great thing...but not when you have a silly, goofy, messed up shoulder/arm.

Tonight I simply cannot push the arm to sew. Instead I shall take some ibuprofen and get my husband to massage it. Sound nice? It will be. He's very kind to massage my shoulder every evening. My son makes all natural rubbing oils for my arm. He grows his own mint just for me...the cooling, relaxing affect of the mint is awesome on my shoulder. You can read more about Seth and see him drying his mint just for me RIGHT HERE on an older blog post.

Thanks for your understanding, and have a GREAT evening!!


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Pat said...

Wish you better xx