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Monday, August 16, 2010

Learn to Quilt--Project 1--Day 3

Good Monday! I am glad to be receiving comments and emails that you are all enjoying this "Learn-Along". 
Today we are going to break away from working with all the blocks and just concentrate on finishing your little candle mat. By the end of the week the small quilt will be finished, and you will be able to proudly boast that you have made your first quilt. Then next week we will work on your table runner.

BEFORE WE START, LET ME AGAIN STRESS TO NOT JOIN ALL YOUR LITTLE RECTANGLES INTO 'CHECKERBOARD' SQUARES!! WE WILL NOT USE ALL OF THEM THIS WAY. (Was the all caps enough to remind you? I don't want you to have to use that new seam ripper yet!)

Ok, pick out 3 of your uncut squares, and 3 matching pairs of rectangles. (The other matching pairs can go into a new pile set aside for a pieced border for the table runner.) Here are the ones I chose:

On your matching rectangles, place them right sides together, edges even, colors touching opposite colors. It is very important that your edges are all even. I always pin blocks if there are going to be seams that butt each other. Below is the seam I am talking about:

See how the bulk of your sewing from before ends up being half one direction, half the other? That is what we want to help the quilt to lie flat when finished. Pin the rectangles together, matching first the middle seam, then the edges:

Pin all three rectangle sets the same way, then sew them at 1/4" from the pinned edge:

This is what you should have now: You may press the seams either direction.

If you will look at your three non-sewn squares, you will notice that they are a bit bigger than your sewn squares. 1/2" bigger in fact. This is due to the sewing that you did. Take the non-sewn squares to the cutting board and cut 1/2" off the right side and off the bottom. Do not cut any off of the left and top sides. (I just stacked them on top of each other and cut all three at once.)

Now lay all your squares out into the arrangement that you would like.

Matching seams, sew the top row together, then the bottom row. When pressing, press the seams from the top row to the right, and the bottom row to the left. 

Next, sew the top and bottom row together. Make sure to match those seams up and pin!!
After your 6 squares are all sewn together, you need to now "Square UP" your quilt. Take it to the cutting board, and cut place it so that your right edge is along a line. Cut it so that the whole edge is even. Then cut the other edges the same way. You need to make sure you line up the edges along lines the whole time so that you don't cut crooked. See this edge that had some of the top block longer than the bottom block? It needed some 'squaring up'. 

And here it is all squared up and waiting on a border, which we will do on Wednesday. 

Have fun!

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