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Friday, August 13, 2010

Learn to Quilt--Project 1--Day 2

If you missed the Learn to Quilt, Project 1, Day 1 post...find it RIGHT HERE.

How are you doing on sewing your squares together? Pretty easy, huh? Today we are just going to cut them up again..after all that work too. But, it will be worth it. 

Get out your self- healing cutting mat. You will also need your rotary cutter and gridded ruler. Take one of your sewn squares and place it on your mat. It should be placed so that all edges are touching a line on the mat:

Line up your ruler so that it is along the center of your square. This will be at 2 1/2" on your ruler.

Then just cut along the edge of the ruler. If you have never used these before, please practice on a scrap first! It can be a bit tricky to get the hang of. The biggest mistakes made are 1) not pressing hard enough (it's won't hurt it! 2) allowing the ruler to move as you cut. This is won't have uniform squares, and 3) cutting yourself. Keep your fingers out of the way!! 

After you cut, cut those rectangles in half again, the same 2 1/2".

You should now have four pieces that look like this: (these really are four pieces, I just put two side by side so that you would see where we are going with this!)

Now you need to PRESS the seam towards the dark side of the fabric. On quilts we really have to plan out how we press, so that when you match up seams to sew, you won't have a bunch of bulk. If you press towards the dark side on this quilt, the seams will match up easily.

Can you see what I mean? Pressing as opposed to ironing is important. Pressing means picking up the iron and putting it back down. Ironing means moving the iron around on the surface. Get into the habit of pressing your quilt pieces so that they won't distort.

I am going to stop there today. I don't want you rushing on your cutting. Don't get a head of me in sewing either. :) We are not sewing all those little pieces back together yet. I'll explain Monday. Happy cutting this weekend!

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