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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Always a Smile

Meet Logan

Logan was born December 27, 1990.
And when Logan came into this world...he had strength and determination from day one. The doctors said he wouldn't live more than 72 hours. Ha! He showed them!

Here is a picture of him and some of his buddies. I love this picture because they are all so young and cute!
One thing about Logan...he always was smiling! 
While contemplating this blog over the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking of some of my favorite "Logan" memories. 
He LOVED church! I remember walking into the sanctuary once during the week, (when all was quiet around the church), and going to the back and sitting in a pew. The pastor would turn on the sound system and let Logan preach to his hearts content. You see, Logan wanted to be a preacher when he grew up. 
Another favorite memory is when I took the Sunday school class fishing. Only one person caught a fish. That one person was Logan, of course!
Here he is fishing with his grandparents:

Another favorite memory just makes me giggle. Logan was so excited because he was getting new wheels. Motorized wheels! I remember not long after, asking his mom how he liked them. She was so frazzled! Seems he liked those new fast wheels just fine! She, on the other hand, did not enjoy chasing him down the aisles at Wal-Mart. LOL, I can just see him speeding up and giggling, with her following telling him to slow down! 
Logan's parents are wonderful. 

One of Logan's favorite things to do was work with his dad on the farm. Harvest time was his favorite time when he could hang out with his dad on the grain truck. Him and his daddy were buds. For a time, I worked at our local small town convenience store. I just loved it when Logan and his dad would come into town for this or that. I would make people wait in line so I could go out and chat with him a moment and get a
 "Logan Smile Fix." 

When Logan got older, he got involved in high school band. He loved it! By this time, I had moved away from our home town, and I am so sad that I missed out on watching him play! 

Just recently I got the opportunity to make a quilt using all of Logan's favorite t-shirts, as well as a lot of his photos. (please excuse the 'hillbilly'watermark across the first photo.  I put it on there and I guess I no longer have to original to get it back off!)

While cutting and sewing Logan's T-shirts, one stood out to me more than any of the others:

You see, Logan went home to be with his Lord on March 29, 2008. He was 17 yrs old. 
I just have to wonder what Logan is doing right now? Greeting people as they enter heaven's gates, the same as he did every Sunday morning at church? Or, perhaps playing in Heaven's band? 
Whatever Logan's doing right now, you can be sure--he's smiling!!

I close with a reminder straight from Logan's T-shirt:

Life is Short. Pray Hard. Read the Book.


Pat said...

What a beautiful soul - and such treasured memories.
I am sure your quilt - and this post - will bring great comfort to Logan's folks xx

Junibears said...

A lovely post for Logan's parents and all his friends to read. xx

grays3lsd said...

Tonya, these are the most perfect words and photos that represent who Logan was and is. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love that you put in to the making of his quilt and to this blog. You are not only a gifted person in quilting but also in sharing love to others. God bless you and your family, always! With much love and appreciation. Logan's mom...Susie Gray

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

What a wonderful story, thank you for sharing. I love the idea of his Mom having to chase him down in Wal-Mart..that is hilarious.

He sure left a beautiful legacy, thank you for sharing it with us.

Heather said...

The quilt turned out beautifully! Thanks for sharing!

Paula said...

Thanks so much for share this memory with us. I love hearing the stories of how God gives us someone that touches our lives in this way. Your quilt and memories are truly a lovely gift that you shared with us. Thanks, Paula

Corrie said...

oh what a sweet boy and I love that saying! life is short, pray hard, read the book! love it!

thank you for sharing

Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing this story. In his short life, it would seem that he touched many lives with joy...I do believe that angels come in many forms, don't you? Is he from Pleasant Hill, MO? That is just down the road from me...small world, huh?

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Yes, Sharon, Logan was from Pleasant Hill, Mo. PHill is my hometown. Well, Lee's Summit was first a very long time ago. That's what stood out when I found your blog!

Madame Samm said...

This is a wonderful post to send to SM...I like it a lot
Tonya...what a fabulous young man...very inspiring..blessings madame samm

memesbowtique said...

Tears in my eyes... my brother in law has CP. He smiles all the time and loves church also. He is very outgoing. Cant walk or talk, but he is such a sweet person. He is 31, I wish I knew how to post a pic. I am new to this blogging thing.

Evielynne said...

And some people say there isn't a God. ummm proof is in the pudding. I have meet some amazing people in my life time and I wish to Heavens that we could of meet. I will see you at Heaven's Gate in time. Much love and prayer to his wonderful parents. Tonya an Angel was picked to make this wonderful blanket!!