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Friday, July 2, 2010

Two Cute

I am so tickled to see all you new folks thet stop by and read my little stories. Fer them that don't know, a little whiles back we up an moved acrost the state. I be just lovin the new cuntry an all. I were a tad bit afeared  when we moved thet the new neighbors wouldn't like a hillbilly like myself. But these here farm folk be downright friendly!

Then do you know what happened today? I must have found some good ol' Hillbilly Kinfolk. They was havin one of them there YARD SALES and jus look at the sign in their front yard:

Can ya be seein it? It says "FREE ICE COLD WATER WITH A $2.00 OR MORE PURCHASE"
Thet sure be friendly!
Then tonite we got all gussied up an went downtown. Boy, this must be a classy town. Take ye a gander at these outhouses:

When I saw them, I thought: " Well, I'll be! His'n and Hers'n Outhouses painted all up perty n Pink and Blue!"
 Ain't them cute?


Pat said...

hahaa they are very cute - and no mistaking whose is whose!

Tolduso said...

lol...I love the free ice water...:)
love the placemat sets you have in your shop...cute,cute....a great idea..

Hope all is well in your world..As you seen I just been cleaning and organizing..but am about done so it will be back to creating..:)

Have a great week

Samantha said...

Free ice water - that's a hoot! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. I visited your Etsy shop - WOW - you're talented. I started a quilt ages ago...and it's still not finished - one of my life goals to finish it.

I adore the name of your blog.


D said...

Was that garage sale sign not the funniest thing you've seen? I laughed so hard when I saw that on my way to work that morning!

The Hillbilly Wife said...

D---I couldn't believe it when I saw it! My daughter had come for a visit that day and I made her drive by and get a pic for the blog. The best is the fact that you had to spend $2 to get the water!

Have you lived here all your life? We might have talked about this before but I can't remember. Anyway, pink and blue Johnny's might be the 'norm' for you...but we giggled about them as well.

Nice to see you in my little blog world!