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Friday, July 30, 2010

Midnight snacking--calorie free!

Late at night fabric shopping these days can make a person fat. I am serious! Up until recently I stayed away from 'honey buns', 'jelly rolls', etc. (I am talking the fabric variety here.)
I never understood why in the world anyone would want pre-cut fabric in little pieces!
Well, I have since changed my mind. And, have found it is a great way to lose weight! Next time that I want a 'turnover', I'll pop into my local fabric shop and order me up some no calorie yummies!!
Let me explain what some of these terms are:

This is a CHARM PACK. Charm packs usually contain 40-42 squares of fabric measuring 5". Each square is a different piece of fabric from the same line of fabrics. (Pictured below). Makes for a beautiful scrappy quilt that matches perfectly. Our first 'learn to quilt' project will use a charm pack.  A LAYER CAKE is the same thing, but measures 10" square. 

JELLY ROLLS and HONEY BUNS  are long strips measuring 2.5 inches and 1.5 inches respectively. Once again they have 40-42 strips. These are great for the popular method of 'strip piecing'. A strip piecing quilt is in the 'learn to quilt' plans eventually. Here is a jelly roll:

A 'dessert roll' is smaller. It has 10 5"x 44" strips. I just bought one of these recently and have something fun planned for it!

Turnovers (mmm apple...) are 6" triangles, when put together make a 5" square.(There are 80 triangles in a turnover.) They pair up great with charm packs!

I have had a lot of fun designing quilts with all these yummy fabric selections. (Once I got over my hang-up of buying small pieces). One of my favorite quilt stores does some GREAT TUTORIALS using these products. THE MISSOURI STAR QUILT COMPANY sells any flavor of these sweet treats that you can imagine. And the best part? They have a DAILY DEAL that is amazing! Every night at midnight (central) some kind of midnight snack goes on sale. But you gotta be quick, because I've gotten on as early as 12:15..and they were sold out!

What will you have for your midnight snack tonight??


Pat said...

Fascinating.. but I think I'd have to have a Belgian Bun whilst I was browsing. ( Google it!)

Heather said...

This is all making me very hungry! Great explanation post :)

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Yummy Pat, although I had to google sultanas after looking up Belgian Bun. All that yummy and here I am eating my normal banana and hard boiled egg:(

Paula said...

Thanks for the sweet treats, lol. Ive gained several pounds myself since I found missouri star quilt co. I purcashed the charmpack you have displayed. Its fab in person.

Pat said...

Banana and egg was probably better for you :)
I do like how we share and learn from each other.

More Entertaining Women said...

You're making me think that maybe I should start quilting again! Thanks for the info! It's been so long since I've done any quilting, I had no idea these pieces existed! (wide eyes, blink, blink) And, thank you for the nice comment on my Peace is the Word post. I know, those words really do make me giggle, and I'll be thinking about your peaceful, beautiful photos too. Blessings! Cindy