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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Seth Gets

LOOK What I Got!

My mom took me to Jamesport, MO (An Amish town) and I got 2 Amish home remedy books. One is about people and the other is for animals and garden. They're very helpful, and I hope to use them alot.

My roses are in bloom. I use roses alot in my herbal pillows, bath stuff and even tea. I plan on harvesting these blooms tomorrow.

This is peppermint and chamomile. The chamomile isn't doing very good. This is my first try, so I hope it gets better.

These are my other herb starters. I have 50 started, but they aren't all coming up yet. My catnip isn't coming up at all, and I use catnip alot, so I hope they sprout!

This is my work station. It's actually pretty handy. I have a sink to wash dirty plants, and a spot for all my herbs. The herbs have to be kept in a dark, cool place, so we keep fabric over them.
That concludes my blog for today. Next time I promise I will teach you how to make herbal syrups. Also, are you sick? Do you have a chronic illness? I will try to help you find the best herbal remedies to help you. Just ask.


Pat said...

That's an impressive workstation!
Camomile takes a bit of time, I once grew a whole lawn of camomile!

Heather said...

Very nice work station! I can't wait to see what else you've got up you sleeve!

Tolduso said...

wow...who knew...:) Love your work station...My great-grandma always had catnip growing in her yard...she passed at 95...but i remeber her having it...hope it grows for ya...i have a bag i bought for 2 bucks last year in my freezer...dont know if its still good or not..but i should make a little toy for my cat and stuff it in there..:) have fun with your herbs...

SallyS said...

Cool work station!!! Do you have your plants outside or under a grow light? Forgot to ask you when we were on the phone. Good luck with them :)