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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Cant Get Rid of IT!

Is this how you feel today? Tried everything to get rid of it? Seth addresses headaches today in his blog...
Alot of people are having headache problems right now, so here are some home remedies to help them. Headaches are not always called by illness. Most of the time they are caused by not getting enough sleep, stress, and lack of liquid in your body. Calming tea made out of lavendar, catnip and rose petal is very helpful. Also, rest and drink LOTS of water. Go outside, breathe deeply and take a nice walk. Some ginger tea will help alot; being affective as powerful prescription drugs.You can also soak in a lavendar or catnip bath to help with stress headaches. That's it for now. Next week we are going to talk about how to make herbal teas! Bye, Seth
Just a note from Seth's mom...he does have his own etsy and will be opening it back up after we move. I think he wants to make up teas, bath bags, etc. He'd love to grow his own plants, but we are moving to rental property. Rats! Anyway, I know several of you enjoy Seth's blogs, so I will let you know when we get his shop open again.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just Dandee!

For those that don't know, I reserve my Wednesday blog for my son, Seth. Seth has two passions...herbs and writing. During our school time, he actually loves it when he gets assigned an essay. (I've never told him that other kids don't enjoy this. Why mess up a good thing?) He has an entire library devoted to herb books, herbal remedies, even herbal remedies for your pets! We opened an etsy store for him, but had to put it on a very long vacation while I had a difficult pregnancy; hopefully we will get it up and running soon! Anyway...Seth gets the Wednesday blog spot. He had a very busy day today, so he just wrote a short paragraph this time about one of his favorite herbs...dandelions.

Dandelion can be used in several things. And it does countless things such as weight loss. It also helps in liver function, reduces cholesterol, fights diabetes, stimulates digestion. Plus lots more. Consider going out and picking these wonderous plants and cook them up or whatever you want. You can make them into teas. All parts are edible. by Seth
An afternote from mom...dandelions are very versatile! Seth is funny...he considers it a sin when people treat them with chemicals to get rid of them. You really can cook them up on the stove, add them to dishes, or even make dandelion jelly! Seth goes out every summer and harvests them, root and all, washes them up and hangs them to dry. At our house...we think God knew what he was doing when He created this little plant. They are Dandee!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Not Just for Cats!

This is the first of my blog posts from my 12 year old son. He will be my contributor for most Wednesday posts. He has studied Herbs quite extensively over the last 2 years, and actually has his own etsy shop devoted to his herbal products. (It's on vacation right now until mom gets her act together.) Here's Seths first Well Within Wednesday post: (ps I took it word for word, so remember...a 12 year old wrote it!)

Hi! I'm Seth. I love herbs, but my favorite is catnip for more than one reason.
Reason #1 is that you can bug cats with it. But, the real reason is it's GR8 with kids and adults both! Light teas may sooth colic, restlessness, and nervousness.
In strong tea it can cure fevers and upset tummies and help prevent diarrhea and nausea.
When put into a bath it can help heal irritated skin.
Plant Description: It is 2-3 feet high. Long stem. Heart shaped, toothed leaves with downy fur. Anything above ground can be used.
That's it for now, bye. Seth.
Let me know what you think of my sons post. He would love comments!